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July Update

Zaoka posted Aug 3, 17

Oi oi, lads, lasses and fellas with glasses~ Zaoka Aloka here withanother monthly update from Jackal and Hide.

Change in Leadership

This month we gave a heartfelt farewell ingame to our leaders J’kilid Tia and J’Inarah Marad, as they have decided to stand down. Of course, this is not a final goodbye as we are still in regular contact with them and they may drop by every now and then to say hello.

What this means for Jackal and Hide?

As of now, the officers of the FC have stepped up to act as the companies leadership. I would like to take this time to congratulate Ryder Bailey on becoming an officer. He’s been a great help in organising and running events in the past and I look forward to working with him more in an official capacity.

The Sunny Seaside Bar will still be an ongoing event, and will still take place on the third Saturday of each month, if you are interested in performing during the bar, please contact me on tumblr (listed below) or ingame as Zaoka Aloka and give me a brief outline of their performance types and We’ll try and get them rota’d in!


Jackal and Hide is still currently open for recruitment. If anyone is interested in joining then by all means please feel free to check out our site and fill in an application! We look forward to seeing you!


As the fight for Ala Mhigos independence begun, the Jackals were contracted to smuggle weapons through to the Ala Mhigan resistance. Posing as simple peasant folk and farmers, the crew navigated through the fringes of Gyr Arbania where they were set upon by vicious Scalekin intent on making them their next meal. The Jackals were victorious in fighting back the Scalekin and it was not long before they found themselves in more trouble than before. Running into a group of Imperials, the Jackals tried to bluff their way past the patrol, though the Imperials looked to one of their number lecherously, intending to take her with them. This was answered with steel and spell as the Jackals siezed upon the Imperials and brought them down before they could abscond with a member of their crew. Once the battle was over the Jackals were gone before the dust had even settled, meeting with their contact with the Ala Mhigan Resistance, delivering them their cargo.

The Jackals were once more called to Gyr Arbania, this time to intercept an Imperial patrol that had plans on looting and vandalising a temple dedicated to Rhalgr, The Destroyer. Having rendezvoused at the Fringes, the Jackals then set out to find the hidden temple and retrieve the spoils hidden with in so that they would be given to their rightful owners and not wind up in a pyre or worse, the Imperial coffers. Upon entering the ancient temple they were beset upon by vile Spectres, which were quickly vanquished. Once more the Jackals found themselves drawing steel with the Imperials and after a fierce battle they were victorious once more. With the relics in hand, the Jackals met with their contacts in the Resistance and handed the relics over to them.

And that’s all there is for this month’s update! Thank you all for reading! Til next time, have fun n’ take care!

Don’t forget to follow the JH-RP Leadership at: – Zaoka Aloka - Ryder Bailey – Thya Kahzuun

Kind Regards
Jackal and Hide
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